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Monday, February 27, 2006

Heavier sound comes to Boone area

Heavier sound comes to Boone area
The Appalachian Online - Feb 07 8:36 AM
Fan support and local support is whats lacking in music today, Perfect Lie drummer Joel Smith said. The live music scene is not what it used to be. Theres a lot more bands out there and they are all really good, its just competitive.Save to My Web

The Myrtle Beach Sun News - Feb 03 12:13 AM
P.O.D. 'Testify' What passed for nu-metal earlier in the decade - an angst-ridden maelstrom of shrill guitars and hip-hop posturing with techno-babble optional - today sounds laughably old hat.Save to My Web

Those dull '50s just got duller
Pioneer Press - Feb 23 4:12 AM
The inexplicable Barry Manilow renaissance continues on "The Greatest Songs of the Fifties," which hit the pop chart at No. 1 this month. In Manilow's 1970s heyday, no one imagined his modest voice would give him a second career as an interpreter. But he hasn't been writing songs lately.Save to My Web

Hockey star just a little bit country
Boston Herald - Feb 19 12:47 PM
Same team, different tastes. Judging from the iPod playlists seen on, it seems members of the U.S. Women's Hockey team, who play their final game today, may have trouble deciding...Save to My Web

Steve Petersen is loving every moment
Palm Springs and Coachella Valley Local News and Guides - Feb 17 4:07 AM
After three years in show biz, things are beginning to break for Steve Petersen of Palm Springs.Save to My Web

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Montgomery Advertiser - Feb 09 12:13 PM
What passed for nu metal earlier in the decade -- an angst-ridden maelstrom of shrill guitars and hip-hop posturing; techno-babble optional -- today sounds laughably old hat.Save to My Web

For The Record: Quick News On Avenged Sevenfold, Britney Spears, Chris Gotti, Black Crowes, George Lucas & More
MTV Music Television - Feb 14 2:37 PM
Avenged Sevenfold and Coheed and Cambria have tapped the support acts for their forthcoming tour. Head Automatica will open for the early dates of the bands' co-headlining trek, and Eighteen Visions will take the later leg of the tour.Save to My Web

For The Record: Quick News On Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff, P.O.D. & More
MTV Music Television - Feb 13 3:07 PM
Britney Spears plans to party at Mardi Gras in New Orleans on February 28. "It is so important for this amazing day to continue its annual traditions, and I am really looking forward to being involved," Spears said in a statement.Save to My Web

Mower Coming
antiMUSIC - Feb 04 7:16 PM
(Luck Media) Since the release of Mowers blistering, intentionally assaulting self-titled debut in 2003, the San Diego based powerhouse some call Californias hardest working band has shot up to the rock and metal big leagues, touring and opening for icons like Metallica, Deftones, Linkin Park, P.O.D., Staind, Soulfly, Papa Roach, Slayer and Disturbed.Save to My Web

San Jose Mercury News - Feb 07 4:42 PM
`Black Cadillac' Capitol 1/2 Between 2003, when she released the ``Rules of Travel'' album, and mid-2005, Rosanne Cash lost her stepmother, father and mother -- which became the springboard for ``Black Cadillac.''Save to My Web

Explore vegetables, grains during Lent

Explore vegetables, grains during Lent
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Feb 25 9:21 PM
Ash Wednesday is this week, signaling the 40-day fasting period for Christians before spring's most significant religious holiday April 16.Save to My Web

CD reviews: Alpert 'Rewhipped' works better than Mendes
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Feb 18 9:09 PM
It's nice to see of the Black Eyed Peas resurrecting the music of Sergio Mendes, but "Timeless" is a complete miscalculation.Save to My Web

Rice has deep roots
Detroit News - Feb 23 1:32 AM
I was just talking with my friend and neighbor, Naomi Shine, about Black History Month and the foods that reflect it, and I got the feeling she was somehow perplexed by my modern eating habits. Naomi, who is just shy of 78, was born and raised in South Carolina near Charleston, and when she started talking in her staccato South Carolina patois, I think she was darn near accusing me of straying Save to My Web