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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Five Technology Tools for Effective Time Management

For those with a busy lifestyle and schedule, there are several different resources and tools that can help to keep you on track. Technology has begun to produce several different devices to help you to manage your time more efficiently. Some of the management devices will include list makers, time planning technology, organizing software, and calendars. No matter which type of technology you choose to use, there are several different avenues that will help you to effectively manage your time. Here are five of the top technology tools that can help you to organize your day and get off to a good start.

Handhelds and PDAs. These are handheld devices that you can put in a purse or in your pocket. They are like small computers, and are good for allowing you to organize everything any way that you like. These small handheld organizers will provide ways to manage your day effectively with such things as; a calendar, a list making system, and a way to send reminders to your self. Many of the handhelds also include word document software, spreadsheets, power point presentations, photos and even MP3s. Many also will have built in wireless technology so that you can use your internet or check your e-mail away from home. These are great devices to take anywhere with you and use as an organizing tool, instead of the paper and pencil.
Palm Portable Keyboard. This device allows you to enter text into a small device that is much like a computer. This will open into a full size keyboard, with a handheld like device at the top of it. It will then fold neatly so that you can fit it into a smaller area and take it with you. This is another technology device to use when you need to make lists, goals, appointments, or keep track of the time that you need to do things.

Life Balance. This is a software tool that you can download onto your computer. It helps you create lists as well as set goals to get certain things done. Through entering your goals, your lists, and you’re desired times, the software can then calculate what you need to get done each day. This is a technological device that helps you to learn about what you can do to improve your time management. If you need help making plans or coming up with strategies then you can use this to help set your goals. This software program can become a tool much like a life coach that helps you to keep on track with your time management.

Plans Plus. This is another type of software that you can use for your computer. It can be downloaded onto any computer that has Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft XP, and is also available for your handheld device. It comes in two different types of software programs, depending on the type of system your computer is running. It has things such as a daily task lists, appointment schedules, and a daily notes section. It also has productivity boosting features available to let you look at the types of things you need to increase your time management. Along with this software is a Franklin Covey training seminar that helps with time management. Many of the features on this software highlight the important time management skills that are taught through this course.

Time. This is a different software tool that is available for time management. It will not only help you make lists, but will also generate reports on how you are doing with your management skills. Through time registration and product sheets, you can use this program for your own personal time management skills, as well as for time management through a small company. A free test is available on the web to see if this is right for you.

These are only a few of the available software and technology products that can be used for producing effective time management skills either for personal use, or for use in the office. You can also use things such as Microsoft Outlook, etc. for basic and easier technology tools that are available.

By using technology to become organized with your time management, your daily tasks and schedule will become easier as well as more efficient. Products are continuously being made and updated for you to move forward with your time management skills.